Divisions & Products

Suanfarma, Inc. offers a wide range of active ingredients and services to several health science industries: pharmaceutical, health & nutrition, food & beverage, personal care and animal health. Our philosophy is to provide not only ingredients, but the necessary technical and regulatory support required for those ingredients to be transformed into efficient formulations. Over the last twenty years, our company has established a strong business network of manufacturers with specialized technologies in extraction, synthesis and fermentation.

We encourage you to look at the different industries we serve for further detailed descriptions of the products offered and the technologies that are available. In our extensive portfolio we have new and exciting proprietary ingredients supported by clinical trials as well as supply many market commodities from worldwide recognized manufacturers.

It is our mission to provide our customers the best quality ingredients at leading prices. We pride ourselves of being a customer service oriented organization, putting a lot of attention to details. Our standard policies include quick order acknowledgments, just in time delivery, online shipment confirmations, as well as customized bar coding…

Given the highly regulated environment we deal with, we have established solid procedures for handling of information and materials. Our company is registered with different bodies of FDA, DEA, and local state agencies. As an added value, we have also been GMP certified by the NSF. If you have any specific requirements, we would be glad to consider them.