Is a novel polysaccharide rich, dietary supplement with unique formulation of curcumin free Curcuma longa water extract. Turmacin™ is standardized to contain 12.6% polysaccharides by HPLC and works by stimulating IL-10 and inhibiting IL-12 and PGE2 M to reduce inflammation due to overuse or exercise. Turmacin™ has been clinically proven effective in the management of primary pain knee and joint pain due to aging or overuse after a daily dose of 1000 mg for 42 days. In a randomized, single blind, placebo controlled trial, Turmacin™ significantly reduced pain due to overuse or exercise along with reducing the intake of rescue medication compared to placebo and glucosamine treated patients. Being non-staining and water soluble makes for an ideal ingredient in foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Turmacin™ has been developed with Natural Remedies in India. Suan Farma Inc. holds exclusive rights of distribution for Natural Remedies products in the USA.

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