Personal Care

Suanfarma Inc has a diverse and innovate line of ingredients with proven benefits for skin and hair. Our company has established a strong network of ingredients manufacturers within a broad area of technologies. From one end, we offer traditional natural oils from many different botanicals, carefully extracted to preserve the natural properties. At the other end, we can offer plant based growth factors obtained from patented expression systems.

We encourage you to search our list below for a sample of what we can offer also considering that we would be glad to consider any of your particular demands.

Some of the products listed are currently under development and therefore pertinent information may not be available at this time. Any product listed which is covered under current patents is available only for use reasonably related to the development and submission of information to the relevant Health Authorities (including the US FDA) to the extent permitted under applicable laws regulating the manufacture, use and sale of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and/or their intermediates.


Active Cosmetic Ingredients
Natural Oils
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