Pevesa now offers Avena and Chickpea protein concentrates

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Pevesa is proud to announce new vegetable source of concentrated protein. Pevesa offers standard and tailor made protein powders for the Baby Food, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Clinical Nutrition, Beverages, Bakery, etc. Our vegetable protein hydrolisates and isolates come from Rice, Pea, Carob, etc.

Pevesa offers homogeneity in quality and assure smallest amounts of contaminants and heavy metals. The IP in enzymatic hydrolisation and filtration allows to meet expectations in protein concentration (80 per cent and higher), hydrolysis degree, solubility, bio-availability, transparency in solution, digestibility and bitterness. Rice production line has been granted the organic certification by Sohiscert. This certification applies to rice protein concentrates, rice protein isolates and rice protein hydrolisated.