Why is NR-Moringa unique?

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There is ever increasing demand for a safe and economically sound nutrient source. Moringa sometimes described as “The Tree of Life” or “Miracle Tree” is a nutrition rich plant, packed with an incredible amount of nutrients. Although Moringa is touted to contain more nutrients than their conventional sources like fruits and dairy, most of these claims are often unverified or based on faulty comparisons. Unique


Standardized Moringa leaf powder (NR-Moringa) is manufactured in NSF-GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 18001 & ISO 22000 certified facility which involves selecting the authentic raw material, grinding, sieving, steam treatment, drying, de-lumping, sieving, magnetic separation, blending, packing in single lined poly ethylene bags, passing through metal detector and then packing in 7 ply, brown corrugated boxes, final QC check, labelling and dispatch